F REHAB - Physiotherapy and Medical Clinic

What we are?

The Physiotherapy and Medical Clinic. We provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment by licensed physiotherapist together with issuing a specific medical certificate by medical doctor certifying physiotherapy treatment at our clinics. 


Symptoms or diseases for which treatment services are provided:

Office syndrome, sport and exercise injury, degeneration or arthritis, acute or chronic pain, poor posture.


Treatment methods

Our clinic focused on physical therapy. It consists of the use of physical modalities such as deep heat ultrasound, high power laser, shock wave, peripheral magnetic stimulation (PMS), etc. Manual techniques such as deep friction massage, joint mobilization and manipulation. Therapeutic exercises and lifestyle modification. All of them are treatments that are part of modern medicine. For both short- and long-term treatment goals.


Our highlights

1. Treated with the same equipment and methods as the physical therapy / rehabilitation medicine unit in leading private hospitals.

2. Issuing a medical certificate by a licensed physician. To be able to claim outpatient health insurance. (OPD)

3. Easy access to both convenient transportation locations in the city center, affordable prices, and shorten the steps for accessing physical therapy. (save cost and time)


Contact us

Website: www.frehabthai.com

LINE Official Account: @fastrehab

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/frehabthai

Tel: 02-219-1505 (Samyan Mitrtown Branch)
      02-254-8889 (The PARQ Branch)

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